Sunday, 3 May 2015

what are different types of teas? How do I select the right tea?

All leaf teas come from the same tea plant camellia sinensis, but very based upon the region, harvesting period during the year, age and part of the tea plant, and the way the tea leaves are processed  fermentation/oxidation  after being plucked. Teas can be classified in the following six categories;
Black teas; these teas come in town forms; ctc crush-tear-curl and orthodox. ctc teas have very little amount of anti-oxidants and health properties left; orthodox teas are further classified based upon the tea leaves  whole leaf, broken leaf, fanning and dust .whole leaf teas are best from the health point of view.
Darjeeling teas have best aroma as these are grown in cold climate with higher altitude and running water on the sloppy hills. Assam teas are strong in taste.
These teas are anti-bacteria, anti-viral, anti-depressant, and boost immunity against cancer and other diseases. They also control bad cholesterol and artery clogging.
green teas; these teas are gaining maximum popularity in china, Japan, usa and European counties.72  of the tea consumed in china is green tea; these teas are not oxidized and therefore contain a higher level of anti-oxidants.the green tea provide the same health benefits associated with  black tea  but at a higher degree. in addition, these teas also lower blood pressure, relieve stress and help in digestion. They also prevent tooth cavities and bad breath.
Oolong teas ; these teas are somewhere in between black and green teasin terms of fermentation/level of oxidation. in addition to the health benefits associated with black and green teas, these teas are also considered good for reducing fat.
white teas; these are the best teas worldwide, and carry maximum health benefits. these are made of a bud and two  leaves that are plucked at a very young stage with white hair still on the leaves. after plucking,these are not allowed to oxidize. a special variety of white tea consists of only tea buds and is called  silver needle. only a small quantity of white tea comes out of a large plantation area, and that is the reason why white tea is expensive.
the white tea offers normal benefits of black and green tea,but at a much higher level,additionally,white teas also delay skin ageing and prevent tooth cavities and type-2 diabetes.

Herbal teas;  these teas are made of pure herbs  e.g.chamomile,lemongrass,nettle,tulsi etc .these herbs support general well being and immune system.
flavored teas; these are normal teas flavored with fruits,flowers,herbs and spices.flavored teas are becoming popular on account of varied tastes to sjit an individual,s taste buds.normally,black,green and oolong teas are used for flavoring.the flavoring is normally done with; fruits,fruit peel e.g. orange,apple,peach etc
flowers e.g. rose,jasmine etc
spices,e.g. cardamom, black and white peeper,clove,ccinamom etc
herbs e.g. chamomile,tulsi etc