Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nilgiri's tea

Nilgiri's best tea is produced between monsoons during the driest December/March Quality Season, when perhaps 35 per- cent of the year's harvest is plucked. These are designated Seasonal Teas.
In India itself, Nilgiri has long been used in the blend for making chai to bring down the cost. Chai (widely known as masala chai or spice tea) enjoyed from morning to night by millions of Indians, is a tea-based drink completely adulterated with spices and mixed with over boiled and overcooked milk
Drinking Nilgiri is rather like finding out the wines of Chile: who could have imagined? It is a soft, antennas tea like Ceylon in many ways, merely with a woodsy fragrance unlike any other.

 Nilgiri is the most forgiving black tea made, impossible to overstep, but it must be admitted, it is also prone to fading within a year of manufacture, losing much aroma. The best quality teas are always of Orthodox manufacture. The Orange Pekoe and Broken Orange Pekoe grades from great gardens are some of the world's most beautiful leaves, always stylish and well twisted.