Friday, 26 December 2014

Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans

We source our beans from most trusted vendors/growers who use most scientific cultivation method. The roasted coffee beans comprise the essential flavor, taste and aroma that make coffee drinking a pleasure.

Arabica coffee beans
Arabica is supposed to be the first cultivated variety of coffee beans having its origin in Africa.
Arabica has lower level of caffeine and is only mildly acidic and less bitter in taste, with a softer and more aromatic taste. The Arabica coffee beans offered by us are grown in sanitary conditions without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and other noxious components. Our Arabica comprises Mysore Nuggets, Extra Bold: It is the highest grade of Indian wet-processed Arabica coffee .

Robusta Coffee Beans
we procure from growers who use scientific methods of cultivation without the use of noxious chemicals and  growth enhancers. This variety of coffee beans is highly preferred by coffee drinkers who like their brew to be stronger in taste and unique aroma. The range offered by us is packed with nutritional value, rich flavor and aroma.

Green Coffee beans
These are unroasted coffee beans which are in great demand among users who want to roast their coffee beans according to their own preferences. Grown in most hygienic conditions these beans are free from pesticides and toxic chemicals. According to doctors ground paste of green coffee beans has great therapeutic value and is a great aid in melting body fat.